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GM Chevy Diesel 6.2 6.5 Repair & Parts MANUAL 6.2L 6.5L


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These 2 military manuals on CD to repair, rebuild, general maintenance, parts and special tool listing of 6.2 Litre and 6.5 Litre Diesel Engines built by GM and used in the military's HMMWV and CUCCV Trucks. TM 9-2815-237-34 has 271 pages. Did you know that there are only slight differences between the military and civilian engines. Parts like the oil pan, and on the Hmmwv the air intake manifold has a smaller profile. And on some models the injector pump might be slightly different.

Chapters 1 and 2 cover these 7 categories

1: Repair Parts, Special Tools, Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment and Support Equipment

2: Service Upon receipt

3: Troubleshooting

4: General Maintenance Instructions

5: Engine Disassembly, Repair and Assembly

6: Final Inspection

7: Repair and Replacement Standard


TM 9-2815-237-34P JULY 2004

All the parts are broken down in different groups. Each part has the part number along with the items NSN listed and an illustration . The special tools are also listed with pictures, part numbers and NSN's. This manual has a total of 164 pages.

* Group 1- internal engine parts

* Group 3 - fuel systems parts

* Group 5 - cooling system parts

* Group 6 - Electrical parts

* Group 7 - Transmission related parts

* Group 14 - Steering related parts

* Group 22 - Accessory items

* Group 94 - Kits

* Group 95 - Bulk parts

* Group 26 - Special tool listing

* Section IV - part number and NSN listing

Since these manuals both are read thru pdf. format you get a great set of printing options. Just print a section or certain group, no need to print the entire book.

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